Meet Chef Teen

My story begins in Norridge, Illinois where at a young age you would find me in the kitchen with my family matriarchs cooking Italian recipes passed down from generation to generation. Where recipes were rarely written, I learned how to use my sense of smell, touch & taste as a tool in the kitchen to create deliciously balanced meals.

As I've grown older, I've been fortunate enough to travel around the world. From Boston to Bali, California to Cairo, these places have exposed me to new culinary experiences that have shaped my palate and inspired me to go beyond my traditional ways of cooking.

Combined with some formal culinary training at Kendall College, I have created a cuisine that brings all of these elements together harmoniously. I strive to create meals that truly nourish the body by sourcing quality ingredients such as organic vegetables, grass fed meats and cheeses, wild caught seafood, properly prepared grains, and never any industrial seed oils.


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