Nourishing Meals In The Comfort of Your Own Home

Chef Teen provides Personal Chef services with only the best ingredients

My Philosophy

I strive to create meals that truly nourish the body by sourcing quality ingredients such as organic vegetables, grass-fed meats,butter and cheeses, wild caught seafood, properly prepared grains, and never any industrial seed oils. I accommodate all diets such as vegan, gluten-free, keto, paleo & vegetarian .

Dinners Can Be Stressful!

Let Chef Tina take care of the cooking and kitchen clean-up for you!

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"Dude, lasagna was awesome. Everything was so good, down to the salad dressing"

J. Chau

"I just have to say, your cookies are DA BOMB! They are so moist and fluffy like a pillow..."

A. Majewski

"Best meal we have had in so long. Loved all of it. Everything was so perfect and intentional, but simple in a good way!"

C. Keeney

“Your lasagna is the bomb diggity!”

R. Bartlett

“It was all so good and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy... This is food that makes you smile”

A. Cruz

All Ingredients Sourced From:

Irv & Shelly's Fresh Picks

Thrive Market

Nordic Creamery

All Grass Farms, LLC

Whole Foods Market